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Auger Cleaners

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Dawson Auger Cleaners
Spoil from continuous flight augers should be removed at the lowest possible level to:

  • avoid injury to personnel from falling debris.
  • prevent rig instability.
  • avoid damage to machinery from falling debris.

Cleaning can be achieved using a Dawson hydraulically operated cleaner or by men with shovels. Within less than a year the investment in a DCP mechanised hydraulic cleaner may become the more economical method. Besides, it is presumably a more secure method, as it never requires the initiative or judgment from a person. The choice is not so different from digging a trench by hand or by using an excavator.

The Auger Cleaner consists of a Hydraulic Drive Motor and a Reduction Gear Box driving a large diameter bearing onto which is mounted a quick change shell to suit the auger diameter being used. The auger flight passes through the shell where the spoil is removed.

As the auger is being withdrawn from the ground during concrete injection, the cleaner shell rotates down the auger flight, removing the spoil by means of a helical blade within the shell.

1 m diameter cleaner has a 30 kW drive motor corresponding to 25 m with shovels.

Dawson Auger Cleaners are fast, powerful og productive. One cleaner can be adapted to a variety of different auger diameters and pitches using alternative shells.

A free wheel valve enables the auger cleaner to be activated briefly during drilling to back the cleaner up the flight. So, there is no continuous power demand, allowing full power to be used for drilling.

Gear drives are fully encased and sealed meaning that:

  • The machinery is protected from dust, dirt and rain.
  • Lubrication is retained for the moving parts.
  • Personnel is protected against injury.

Dawson Auger Cleaners are of a standard pattern, but each one is finally engineered to suit the customers's requirements. What we need is information about:

  • Mast details (mast type and dimensions)
  • Hydraulic power suppy details (pressure and oil flow rate)
  • Auger details (diameter of stem and couplings, diameter of flight and pitch).


To clean CFA diameter

M 600

400 - 600

M 700

450 - 700

M 800

450 - 800

M 900

450 - 900


500 - 1000

M 1200

600 - 1200

M 1500

750 - 1500

M 2000

900 - 2000

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