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Capping Systems

Capping Systems

Dawson Sheet Pile Capping System

The Dawson capping system provides a fast economical method of supporting shuttering for capping beams on permanent sheet piling works such as river banks, sea walls, piers and jetties. It can be used on both U- and Z-piles.

The system consists of:

  • a number of steel support brackets (Redeb Support Brackets) that are fastened between the sheet piles by bolts with hard points screwed into the sides of each "U" formed by the sheet pile wall. Each bracket has in its lower end a support that with a levelling bolt can be adjusted to make the upper support bars of the mounted bracket horisontal.
  • a number of Soffit Panels (mats) that are placed on the support bars of the brackets. The panels are with a large number of rectangular bars retained within a framework. The bars are free to slide within set limit. With the panel secured on the Redeb Bracket, the rectangular bars are pushed towards the sheet piles, starting from the deepest part of each pile. The panels will fit all known sheet piles and may also be used on continuous bored piles.

The Dawson capping system is the only purpose-made pile capping system available. It is faster, more cost effective than any other on-site "lash ups". Redeb and multi-soffit panels are easily assembled and re-used by unskilled workers. It renders obsolete the use of both individual plywood panels, cut to match pile pans and the welding of support brackets to piles which ultimately have to be burned off and the piles made good.


  • Quick set up.
  • A standard soffit shutter panel for all normal pile caps and many abnormal ones as well.
  • Simple use for unskilled workers - no specialist labour is required.
  • No sheet pile damage.
  • Eliminates wastage of consumable materials.
  • Re-usable for all shapes of sheet pile.
  • No burning or welding.

Fifty brackets complete with shuttering can be secured in one day. That represents approximately 50 m of pile capping. On completion of pile capping the Redebs are quickly removed from under the concrete, ready for further use.


  • Position the brackets in every outside pile pan in the correct level and fasten them with the jacking bolts. These bolts are provided with tempered steel points that will enter into the sides of the piles. The leg of the bracket is levelled by adjusting the levelling bolt at the base of the leg.
  • Once all the brackets are secured in the right position (a spirit level has to be used to obtain the correct level) check that all jacking bolts have the correct torque. The brackets are now ready to receive the soffit panels.
  • Lower the Soffit Panel onto the brackets. Guardrails are an integral part of the 2,5 m Panels. Secure the panels with back stops.
  • The side shutter panels are positioned straight on to the top of the Soffit Panel bars. The trapping bar member on the top side of the panel can be used to aid positioning of the side shutter.
  • Use mould oil on the bars to minimize any adhesion from the concrete.
  • Join each Soffit Panel together with fixing bolts provided.
  • 36 hours after grouting the Soffit Panels and Redebs are ready to be stripped.

Guardrails are a part of the panels. In case the brackets are used for supporting other types of plates or panels than the Soffit Panels, special Vertical Back Supports and Guardrail Sockets are needed.

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