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Chain Clamps

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Dawson Chain Clamps
The chain clamp system provides a fast economical method of lifting sheet piles on the job site.

The chain clamp consists of a locking clamp and a chain with a piece of wire. The chain is mounted to a hoisting system on the piling machine (the vibratory hammer or the rope from a winch).

To lift a sheet pile, the wire piece of the chain clamp system and a part of the chain is threaded through the hole in the sheet pile and through the locking clamp while the spring operated piston is pushed in with a thumb. When the thumb pressure is released, the clamp automatically lock to the chain and the pile can be lifted.

To remove the locking clamp after hoisting the sheet pile, the piston is pushed in with a thumb and the clamp removed. The piling operator can with advantage have the locking clamp in his pocket, when it is not on the chain.

The spring operated piston is seen in the pictures as two small cylinders connected with a bar.

The Dawson chain clamp system is available in two sizes:

  • Chain type 10 mm with safe working load 3.2 tonnes.
  • Chain type 8 mm with safe working load 2.0 tonnes.

The chain clamp system is delivered with certificate.

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