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Standard Threader

Sheet Pile Threaders

Dawson Standard Sheet Pile Threader
Sheet pile threaders ("spunssamlere") are designed for safe and rapid sheet pile interlocking when sheet piles are being pitched in panels. They replaces the "Top man" or "Pile Monkey" who normally carries out the interlocking by hand.

It greatly reduces the risk by interlocking piles in severe weather conditions. It saves time, money and lives.

Sheet Pile Threaders are available as Standard Sheet Pile Threaders, which in general requires a special roller set for each type of sheet piles, and Universal Sheet PIle Threaders, that can be used for most sheet piles without any additional components. The two types are presented in each their web page.


  • Safe working method. The sheet pile threader eliminates the dangerous, manual operation performed by a Top Man climbing or being hoisted up to the top of the piles and interlocking the piles.
  • Fast. Interlocking piles with the pile threader is faster than any other safe method of working.
  • Pitching under severe weather conditions. The sheet pile threader makes it possible to make piling work under severe weather conditions as interlocking can take place even under high wind pressure on the sheet piles.


  • The Threader is pre-loaded by pulling the pull wires and vice block against spring pressure and cocking.
  • The pile to be pitched is lifted until the bottom end is about 1 m above ground level.
  • The threader is clamped onto this pile with the vice. (The relative position on the pile is governed by a stop plate to suit the pile sections being used).
  • The pile with the threader attached is lifted by the crane along the last pile in the panel.
  • By means of rollers, the lower part of the threader is clamped to the last pile of the panel so that the locks are adjacent to each other.
  • The cocking device inside the vice slide tubes is released.
  • The pile with the threader attached is lifted by the crane until its bottom edge is above the previous pile in the panel. The spring pressure on the vice block will then force the pile across into the locking position.
  • The pile is lowered and the "new" pile interlock with the foregoing pile in the panel.
  • The threader is unclamped.

Sheet Pile Variations
Within one pile section there may be several variations. On Z-piles the inderlocks are usually different at each end. The leading end can also be left hand or right hand.

The pile threader can accomodate these variations by swapping the rollers round on the lower grip spindles to accomodate changes in handling and by replacing some elements of the rollers to accomodate the different interlock.

These variations can the Universal Sheet PIle Threader accomodate with the simple adjustment of roller positions - please see the presentation on the separate web page.

On U-piles the interlocks are identical and the only variations are on handling.

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